Honeymoon is in trending among the young and vibrant newly weds. It may be the second most thrilling experience, after tying the knot obviously. To make your boat sail smoothly, I’ve come up with top 2 honeymoon destinations and a short itinerary. Scroll down to unlock the bundle of happiness.

1) GOA :-

What better than Goa to celebrate your alliance ? Goa is one such place where it can be full-of-life party as well as serene and coastal retreat. It has as many as 25 beaches for you to enjoy. It is rightfully called the beach capital of our country.

 Imagine this : green landscape where the never-ending sea meets the bright sun.

There you can visit following places :-

Beaches –

As said earlier, Goa may be the smallest state but has numerous beaches. The north side offers beaches where everything is dazzling. It seems as if life is happening at the very moment itself. Which isn’t false, though. Baga, Anjuna, Candolim, Panaji are on the north side.

Where as the south side beaches are more of a retreat. If you want to recharge yourself, it is the right place for you. Cuncolim, Betalbatim, Nevam are some of the most liked beaches among the masses.

Chapora Fort –

You must’ve recognized this fort by now? Did you? It’s famous for It’s appearance in the hit film, Dil Chahta Hain. It is at the bank of Chapora river, the fort is now almost in it’s  ruined state. Renovation work is done from time to time.

It is 700 m away from Vagator Beach. This fort was of military importance when war broke between Portuguese and the Marathas. This legendary history has attracted many tourists. Attention from the success of Dil Chahta Hain, which was filmed at this very fort added a cherry on the top.

If both of you are adventurous at heart, hiking to it’s top will be an amazing experience. The view from the top is mesmerizing, words fall short to describe the beauty of this place. Come here to see it yourself on your honeymoon.

Basilica de Bom Jesus –

This old and famous church is in Banguinim, 10 kilometers away from Panjim. It gained a lot of attention when it got recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Little background : The Portuguese built this fort around 1594 – 1605. The establishment of this church states the dawn of Christian in India.  

This church is visited by thousands of people daily. A mass is held every month, when the numbers peaks up to lakhs. The architecture, despite it’s old age, is in good form. Do pay a visit to this heritage site with your loved ones.

Water sports-

This ain’t a destination but something you’d very much like to do. Since Goa is surrounded by beaches, water sports is a must. Jet skiing, diving, catamaran sailing, wind surfing and of course swimming are among the top water activities tourists enjoy.

Far from the hustle of daily life, channelize your inner energy into active pursuits that Goa has for you.

Ooty :-

Among the top honeymoon destinations, Ooty never fails to impress you with it’s picturesque landscape. This beauty is nestled in the valleys of Nilgiris, among clouds.

Below are top things to do while in Ooty:-

Among the top honeymoon destinations, Ooty never fails to impress you with it’s picturesque landscape. This beauty is nestled in the valleys of Nilgiris, among clouds.

Mountain Railway-

Famously called as Toy train, it is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site back in 2005. The train runs for 45 kms, taking you through endless lush green forests, dark tunnels, mist and fog.

It is Ooty’s top attraction, starting in Mettupalayam and runs till Udhagamandalam. In it’s way the train crosses as many as 200 bridges and hundreds of tea plantations. What better way to sit with your loved one and praise the beauty it is.

Jayalalithaa Rose Garden –

Rose is a symbol of blossoming love. This garden is the perfect spot for the couples deeply in love. However, people of any age can come and appreciate the thousands of fragrant roses.

With total area up to 4 hectares, it contains more than 20 thousand varieties of roses. The varieties are collected from all over the world. Few collections are Polyanthas, Miniature roses, black roses and Ramblers. This collection is the largest one in India as of now.

Trekking :-

The geographic location of Ooty makes it favorable for trekking and camping. Climbing the verdant slopes of it’s hills and valleys may not be an easy one. But the view from the top is worth it.

You can experience the Catherine-Elk falls from near and enjoy nature’s bounty. The route is filled with wild plants and animals. Worry not , the trek is safe for humans. Another trek is to Dotabetta Peak. Standing tall at 2,637 m, it has a rich collection of flora and fauna.

I have added only the top honeymoon destinations in India for couples. The former is sure to bring out the adventurous spirit in you. The latter will leave you speechless and let you experience the feeling with your loved ones.

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