Manali is a hill station, situated in the lap of the mighty Himalayas. It was once a sleeping village, now it has emerged as a top destination for tourists all over the world. The waters of holy Beas River helped flourish the settlements and industries. It wasn’t until 20th century that it became a tourism hotspot. From there there’s no looking back.

Manali is famous for it’s natural beauty, picturesque location and colorful cultures. It is famous for one more thing. Backpackers and trekkers love Manali for it’s spellbound treks along the Himalayan Range. If you’re one, come take a look at top 5 treks in Manali.

1) Hampta Pass.

Standing tall at 14,000 feet, Hampta pass is one of it’s kind crossover in the Himalayas. What’s ahead and behind are world’s apart. On one side of the pass is Kullu Valley, flourishing with flowers and wild trees. While on the other is Lahaul, almost barren land.

The name “Hampta”  derived from the nearby Hampta Village, situated at a staggering height of 14,000 feet.  The trek starts from Manali, at 6,725 feet and in a matter of 4 days, you will get to 14,000 feet.  This trek passes through this village to Chandra Tal lake, the view is mesmerizing. You will be amazed how the landscape changes.

Altitude- 14,000 feet.

Total duration – 6-7 days.

Age bracket- 10-55 years. Prior hiking experience preferred.

Total distance to cover– 25 kms.

Difficulty – It is moderate trek. However, at certain lengths, it might be a difficult one. Prior preparation is required. Do some cardio and endurance training.

2) Beas Kund Trek.

The infamous Beas Kund trek takes you to the source of the  Beas river.  Imagine this- you are trailing between lush green valley, ice-capped peaks towering over you and the source of a river right in front of you. Quite stunning, right?

When you reach the summit, several peaks like Mt Indrasen, Deo Tibba will surround you. Due to which, many trek lovers and mountaineers prefer to start with this trek. If you want to get away from the bustling city life, this 4 day trek is perfect for you. As you take in the green scenery, you feel calming sensation.

Altitude- 12,775 feet.

Duration – 4 days.

Age bracket- 8-55 years.

Total distance to cover – 16 kms.

Distance- It is considered easy to moderate. The starting point is Solang valley, at 8,156 feet. In a matter of 3 days, you will reach the source of famous Beas river, situated at 12,775 feet.

3) Deo Tibba Trek.

The Deo Tibba is challenging one. Steep heights with every ascend and snowfall makes it a bit dangerous route. But the scenic beauty at it’s top is worth it.. You will devour the peaks of Pir Panjal Range from a much closer distance.

Locals believe the lords gather at the peak. Hence, the name Deo Tibba. It is second highest peak of Pir Panjal Range. As ascend from Manali, you will cross coniferous forests with fir, oak, silver birches paving the way, all the way to snow capped Deo Tibba peak.

The trek starts from Manali. From the day 1, the scenery keeps changing. Your eyes will feast on beautiful green villages, dense coniferous forests and enthralling lengths of snow.

Altitude – 14,000 feet(maximum).

Duration- 6-7 days.

Age bracket- Adults with prior mountaineering experience.

Total distance to cover – 75 kms.

Difficulty level- It is a hard trek. Proper mountaineering equipments are a must. Additional gear are rented from Manali. The trekkers should be fit, without any health complications.

4) Chanderkhani Trek.

Chanderkhani Pass trek is perfect for beginners since the ascend is easy. In the west is Bara Bangal range while there is Pir Panjal in the north. This trek takes you from Kullu to Parvati Valley. While ascending, alpine forests and wide view of valley welcomes you. Devour the fresh air and mesmerizing scenery that this trek offers.

With every meter of ascend, you will uncover stunning views until the top. This trek is a short escapade from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The base camp is  in Naggar, from where trek will start. The route is jam-packed with boulders and steep heights at some stretch. Though it is quite easy for a person, but proper preparation is recommended.

Altitude – 12,030 feet (maximum).

Duration- 5 days.

Age bracket – 10-50 years.

Total distance to cover– 26 kms.

Difficulty- Easy to moderate. First time trekkers should definitely start their trekking with this trek. Regulated physical fitness is mandatory.

5) Kheerganga Trek.

Kheerganga is another magnificent location in Parvati valley. It is one of the most beautiful and exciting trek there is. You trek through few villages where the inhabitants live in harmony with nature. After crossing these, mountainous landscape welcomes you into it’s lap. You can but appreciate the beautiful scenery around you.

Kasol, starting point of the trek, is an exquisite place to be at. It’s attractive cuisines, culture and natural beauty draws the attention of several. The small hamlets on the way are worth a visit. It is a chance to interact with the locals and enjoy their food. Camp sites are available for night stay.

Altitude – 9,600 feet.

Duration – 4 days.

Age bracket- 8 – 55 years.

Distance to cover- 14 kms.

Difficulty – The trek is easy to ascend. Even beginners can cover the trek easily.

Note- All the duration mentioned are subject to packages offered by agencies. You can go up or down with the days. To enjoy the nature at it’s best, one must spend more time with it. However, you can trek without any help. Provided you are equipped with proper trekking gears.

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