Any kind of physical activities and exercise is natural “medicine” to our body. It is one of the best things we can do to our body. As the saying goes “A little goes a long way” is true in terms of incorporating little amount of  exercise into your routine than doing none.

Various communities and schools organize nation-wide awareness programs to inculcate healthy and active physical pursuits among the citizens; specially the coming up generation. Children which are healthy and obese benefit tremendously from exercise, exercise enhances their cardiovascular health and loss of excess fats providing more mobility.

While in elders, involving balance, co-ordination workouts improves their  balance and flexibility.

Although clear cut evidences are yet to be known but so far so good.  Adopting a healthy lifestyle will not only improve your cardiovascular health and other system but also reduce medical expenses in the future and  increase work efficiency.

Do you need more convincing to get yourself moving  ? Go ahead and read this article as to why should we exercise daily!

  • Improves brain function :-

Exercise is probably the best thing you can do for your brain. It is for the following three reasons; the first one is right after workout you can feel your mood uplifting. It is due to release of neurotransmitters in your brain. Few neurotransmitters are Dopamine, Noradrenaline and Serotonin. Second, studies have shown exercise to increase your reaction time making you more active. Third, your attention span is increased manifold. Even if you shift your focus, you’ll be able to pay attention to whatever you make up your mind up to.

  • Controls weight :

Exercise is a boon for people who want to maintain their weight . Obesity can be treated with proper diet and exercise regime. But, the catch is that one must consistently follow the regime to reap the benefits of exercise.

  • Maintain and prevent diabetes :-

It is no brainer that exercise help prevent you from getting lifestyle diseases. Diabetes is one among them. The muscles which undergoes regular training, stay receptive to insulin. Therefore, there are very less chances of occurring diabetes. Also, if you have been a diabetic patient, exercise will help maintain the insulin levels.

  • Sound mental health :-

Depression and anxiety is very less likely to creep in when you have healthy body and soul. The reason is obvious. Due to secretion of hormones, your brain is always active and occupied with healthy pursuits. You are channeling your energy into a healthy workout regime. In return, you’ll reap it’s manifold benefits.

A small step at a time…..

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you’ll definitely face difficulty in the initial stage while working out. This is common. Our brain gets accustomed to what we feed it. That said, t is not impossible to change. Below are few tips for you to get started :-

  • Don’t ever start big on new things, exercise included. Think small. Take a 30 minutes stroll for 3-4 times a week. Slowly, add variations through out the week. But keep in mind, follow the routine consistently.
  • Find a partner, if that helps. We humans are social animals. We thrive for emotional and physical connection.  Like minded people always hangs out together. Suggest your partner to accompany you for workout, maybe discuss about books before you hit the road.
  • Running errands like washing those dishes or a quick visit to a shop nearby by walking. All these things are a mini-workout session for your upper arm or legs.
  • In case of obese individuals, who find walking extremely painful for their knees, can visit the swimming pool. Since water supports our body weight and provides buoyancy, their joints will feel relax for some time. Taking a swimming instructor is recommended for first time swimmers.
  • We very well know how we have become dependent on electronic gadgets. Try to maintain a no gadgets period of an hour at least every day. During this period, try to take off your mind from social media chaos and calm your soul. Try hitting the dance floor every once in a while.
  • You may think above points are not satisfactory. Yes, they are not if you are already physically active. But these are a good start for people who find it extremely difficult to move their body. Well, one step at a time is much better than doing nothing. Is it not ?

How much is too much ?

On average, every individual need a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity workout. But how much is too much ? After exercise, it is important to allow your body to recover. 2 hour moderate -intensity workout regime is more than enough for normal people like us. But this is such an open-ended question; there is no written guidelines. It depends on your body type. If you happen to be an obese individual, running for more than 15 minutes will do more harm than good. Introduce intervals after a 15 minute working session if you are new.

Your takeaway :-

Through this article, we want to inspire you , rather intuitively. After you start exercising on regular basis, exercise will no longer seem as burden. It will become your way of living. There are just as many excuses to not start exercise as there are health benefits of adopting the active lifestyle.

Featured image source: Sport girl photo created by prostooleh – www.freepik.com

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