Fitness is a way of life, not just a quick fix. It must be included in our daily lives; just as brushing our teeth and bathing. We all know that exercise is very important part of our healthy lifestyle; but we aren’t aware just how much importance it is!

Several reports have stated the increasing number of chronic diseases in the young adults age group. Over the years, scientists and researchers have found an incredible and cost-effective medicine for it. Can you guess what it is ?

The medicine is exercise! Exercise is a natural medicine that can reduce the chances of heart disease, various forms of cancer among myriads of lifestyle diseases. All it can cost is a pair of shoes to start with.

As we move further into the article, we will try to deliver few benefits of fitness in daily life and why is it important. Keep on reading to find out more!

Exercise is brain food

  It was believed that adult brain couldn’t repair and rewire itself. But in the last few years, scientists have proved it wrong. Adult brain has the capacity to repair and rewire itself beyond childhood. The key is exercise.

So, how can this self-healing turned on? The key is to design an exercise regime meant for a specific individual. Exercise releases hormones like dopamine, norepinephrine , etc. These neurotransmitters fastens the information processing and differentiation of neurons.

For now, it is suffice to say that exercise helps our brain to reroute and heal faster.

Manage weight

For those who struggle with obesity, physical activity is the ultimate healthy solution. Unlike what most of the media suggests, diet is just a small part of your fitness journey. Real work is getting out sweats from your body. This the most effective yet sustainable choice to lose those extra pounds.

Even for normal adults with healthy weight, exercise is good for health. The joints become more flexible; reducing the chances of injury.

Most of us has adopted sedentary lifestyle. That took a toll on our weight and health. Exercise is the only healthy solution which can bring our enthusiasm and healthy body back.

Psychological satisfaction

Although exercise seems to be mostly physical; here’s a real twist! It is dominantly mental training. Completing a workout challenge not only gives you satisfaction ; but also trains out brain. We can easily overcome obstacle that life throws at us.

Solving any problems enhances our self-esteem and believe in ourselves. All of these happens when we take a holistic approach ; by inculcating all components of a healthy lifestyle.

How much exercise to aim for ?

Now that you’ve understand the benefits of exercise, I’d like to talk you through some other crucial points. One such point is how long should you exercise for. You should aim for 30 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis. Even if it extends to 90 minutes later, you are good to go.

30 minutes of moderate physical activity is the best to start with. You can always work your way up! But keep in mind, anything in excess is toxic. So is exercise. Do not exceed the daily limit without supervision .

Mind you, you do not need to join gym and lift heavy dumbbells.  Even by sitting at home you can reap the benefits of exercise. Introduce small changes throughout our routine. Walk to your school/office, use the staircase instead of lift, cycling instead of riding a car are few lifestyle choices you can make, if you haven’t already.

Guidelines to remember :-
  • Always warm up before you exercise. I can not stress it enough. Do 10-15 minutes of stretching to loosen your body.
  • Similarly, cooling down is as important as warming up. Do it after you’re done with exercise.
  • If you’re pregnant, experience dizziness often, I recommend you to consult your physician.
  • Keep yourself hydrating throughout the day. Carry your own bottle of water whenever you exercise.
  • Eat healthy diet, which comprises enough carbs, proteins, fibers and vitamins.
  • Give your body to rest and recover from the training. Just as exercise, rest is also crucial to give you energy and enthusiasm.
  • Give your body to rest and recover from the training. Just as exercise, rest is also crucial to give you energy and enthusiasm.
Takeaway :-

Exercise can be fun. It can be found in various forms. Such as by going to a dance class, aerobic yoga, any sports of your interest such as taekwondo, badminton, etc. It cannot and shouldn’t be boring. Don’t just face a wall while lifting those weights in the gym. Interact with other trainees to give yourself topics to talk about.

What will happen if you don’t ride your bicycle for over a year? Same goes for our body. Our body also requires movement from time to time to get going.

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