How to stand apart from the crowd?

That’s no sweat! Create a website.

Your website is your business’s most important digital asset. But why are website so important and what’s their purpose ? It is the first place people visit to learn about your products or services. Although your social media presence is important too, your website is the home base online.

Because of these reasons, website is critical not only for marketing; but to your business as a whole. When you think about website, the first question to ask is : what is it’s job? You can apply Job’s Theory to understand your website’s job. According to this theory, everyone has job to do. For that, they hire best product or services.

Ask yourself; what is your website for ? What is it’s use? Your website has several jobs to be done. Some will visit it to know about your price, some may want to talk with your sales team.  Your customers will visit your website to accomplish their goals. If not, you risk losing them for good.

About 80% of total customers don’t come back after a bad experience. So, the first impression is critical to your business. Remember, the job to be done of your website is what the audience determines; not you.

There are various reasons you need to get one. Here’s some I’ve summed up for you:-

1) It’s an opportunity to be creative :-

Building a website provides you a creative space. You can make animated buttons, show off your photography , make graphics and a bunch of things. The things you can do to your website is almost endless. The process is a creative one too.

And if you’re someone who don’t know how to build one. Don’t worry, there’s something at the end of this article.

2) You can a lot of money :-

You can make a lot of money by creating an online presence. As we all do a lot of things online. It will definitely pay off. Many people are quitting their 9-5 jobs to do online business. Covid pandemic has pushed us to transact everything online. This has created a huge demand and supply chain. Make us of it to make money.

3) You can become an influencer :-

You can help people learn a DIY project or something that you mastered. This is a chance to grow your hobby into a pursuit, bringing cash inflows. A website is a great tool for that. Document your experiences, share and write blogs, post pictures for the world to see, connect with people online. All in one click.

Just be consistent with your craft. People surely will notice you and come to you if what you’re doing attracts them. Surely, you need to market yourself well for increasing your visibility.

4) You don’t need expensive coding :-

Gone are the days when you needed expensive coding to build a website. But now with drag-and-drop technology , it have never been easier. It won’t cost 2000-5000 dollars. It takes less than few dollars to make one.

No matter what type of website you want, it is easy to get one.

Types of website :-

You can create a personal website, blogs, e-commerce websites, photography and videography websites, niche websites, job board or non-profit  websites, auction, affiliate and podcasting websites.

You can build website through two options. One is online and offline. Online website hosting is a much convenient option. Some provide prior made website for advertisements. Apart from that, they can be made in a jiffy. They can be built and tested on the internet in real time.

Offline web builders are more flexible and charge more. They apply basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Types of website builders :-

Here’s the surprise that I’ve for you all. Below are the most widely used website builders available on online platforms:-

  • Wix :-

Wix is one of most used and popular website builder there is. It provides you with flexibility of creative choices. It has free and paid options. It has one free plan and eight premium paid plans for the audiences to choose from. It has a drag-and-drop features with few others.

  • Godaddy :-

Godaddy is one most user-friendly website builder there is. It consist of easy to make and speedy processing feature. It has a free trial option and paid options. However, it is not a first preference for a commerce and complex website.

  • WordPress :-

It has emerged into top blogging website. It requires little technical expertise to start with. However, it isn’t impossible. Get acquainted with YouTube tutorials and start making one on WordPress.

All in all, you need technical confidence with

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