Game Changer In Marketing Business:- Digital Marketing

If you are a newcomer to this lucrative space, then this blog is curated just for you!

Now, I want you think for a few seconds :- did you ever come across an ad popping on your social media ? I am sure you must have! The fact that I am emphasizing on this, is the reason why you have landed here.

Digital marketing has taken advertising to a whole new level and there’s more to come. It is a form of marketing in which the advertisement is done to people digitally. Digital marketing leveraged various channels like browsers, websites, social media, email and mobile applications.

More and more people are spending their time on electronic gadgets-mobile, tablets , laptops; which created immense opportunities for the digital marketing agencies. In the hindsight, more opportunities is directly proportional to more competition.

  • Different forms of digital marketing:-

More means better! This phrase is a boon for digital marketing agencies because through digital  media, they are getting a chance to interact and understand their audiences better. There’s tones of marketing channels one can choose from, here are some for you :-

  • Content marketing:- Blogs, study cases and videos are content and when you use them to showcase your product, you are content marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization:- Creating content on specific search keywords and optimizing your website, such that more traffic are driven to your website from search engines.
  • Sponsored Search :- In layman’s term, you are paying for ranking your advertisement on top of search engines and even, other websites!
  • Email marketing :- This one is around here for long time. Ever since e-mail was launched, myriads of emails are exchanged everyday. You can send personalized emails to your targeted audience and that’s why it is one of the best form of marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing :- A third party or merchants are employed to market your service and products, they can basically be good partners to you by channelizing more traffic to your website on commission basis.
  • Social media marketing :- It is comparatively new form but the concept remains the same- creating ads for various social media platforms in order to promote your services. You can either organically post your ads or pay the social media to exhibit your ads! Win-win situation, isn’t it?
  • Mobile marketing :- It is a strategy on it’s own, digital marketing agencies use mobile devices to reach the target audience and how you could do that? Through messaging, emails or app install ads.

There’s are several ways through which you can fuel your content distribution and you can compound that by actively using more than one forms of marketing.

  • How to approach your customers?

Let’s go out there and answer few questions- What value do audience want from your product?  What problem is being solved with it?

 You want your audience to understand the answer of these queries through digital marketing. By making sure your ads answer these questions, audience is going to believe in you and the  prowess in your product! That’s exactly how you build a brand name around your product.

Kick starting your online business with good quality blogs, videos; is a must and take that content and get it optimized before posting on various marketing channels that we just talked about!

Traffic sources may include paid, unpaid, social media, referral,  email or direct traffic.

Next target, is to stand out and increase customer engagement with your product. You really have to work hard to convince someone to consider your product. Help them understand should they choose you!

Email marketing is one of the most reliable form; you can state your reasons why the customer have to seize your product and maybe affix a referral code or two! Remember, more is always better.


Once you drive in your customer, the product should speak for itself! What I mean is, be a little considerate about your pricing point. The price point may be good but the shipping cost could be high. So you really want to do some due diligence and deep research on what your competitors are doing.

You want to make sure the credibility shines bright. Include reviews and testimonials to support your claim- Come and buy my products. And if it’s a negative review, hey that’s okay , you can’t please everyone but make sure to be super honest and constantly work to upgrade your product.

Without being too pushy, think about how other products could complement your customer’s purchase and overall improve the buying experience. Again, this goes back to offering your customers to review your product, because after the purchasing, your goal is to nurture your relationship with customers to ensure they remain loyal to your brand.

A sweet “Thank you” note could do wonders. Even throwing in a 5 or 10 % off on future purchase is a Thank you and is easily done with email or social media marketing.


Online presence is a huge factor in the success of your marketing efforts. With more time being spend on our gadgets, IT companies or Digital marketing agencies are promoting content online and it’s getting bigger and better.

Make sure you catch up with latest trends, but always try to  stay relevant and credible! That’s the key.

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