With winter around the corner, people have geared up for the most awaited festival of the year – Christmas. This festival is such that people of all faith and belief like to enjoy the festival and also the discount tags on clothes and footwear. Isn’t it?

Christmas is not only about fashion but sustainable decor and conscious choice. You can always choose to add oomph to your outfit as well as house decor. We’ve been keeping an eye on this year’s trends and styles and have compiled 4 top trends for this Christmas for you. So, follow up till last to find out.

  • Neutral Earthy Tones –

Neutrals have earned the top position in our color palette and for all the right reasons. Beige, brown, white, grey are some of the neutral colors you should look for this Christmas season. Women can pair a white shirt with brown or beige trousers, throw in some gold hoop earrings and a tan brown pair of shoes to continue the color going on. You can reconstruct this outfit to your taste, by opting for a black trouser instead. The saga of black and white color is never ending.

Men can pair a plain white sweatshirt with a black jeans  or a pair of black trousers. A pair of jeans is never out of fashion and this season we want to look more warmed up and cozy – what better option than a pair of jeans.

  • Maxi length skirts –

Knee length and maxi length skirts and dresses are resurfacing again and they got the haute couture treatment from majority of the big fashion houses. While minis are not going anywhere, I think it’s the right time to cover up your legs during these cold and dry months of the year. Don’t you agree?

Speaking of color, dark green is also trending this Christmas season 2022. A beige sweatshirt with dark green maxi skirt is the perfect outfit for a friends and family gathering. For a office party, add a blazer on top to add some class and formal touch.

A bonus tip here. Stock up some pearl and gold jewellery that you can pair up with any outfit. Gold toned bracelets and necklaces add definition to your outfit. Minimal jewellery will make you look extremely chic and effortless.

  • Layering up –

Winters can be cold and harsh, specially if you live in areas such as Delhi or North East India. This is when layering up will help you. Let’s address the elephant of the room. We all are afraid of looking like a big ball of marshmallow with added layers. Don’t you worry, we have some tips to help you out.  Men can team up a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, along with a flannel shirt. You can stop here during early winters. Top it up a tanned jacket and a checkered muffler for to strive against heavy winters.

Turtleneck sweater can make for a good base layer. If it is textured or knit, even better. They are functional as well as fashionable. You can stock up your favorite turtlenecks in different colors and textures because it will make your wardrobe versatile. While layering up, make sure to pay attention to the lengths. The base layer i.e., turtlenecks can touch the hips and even better if you tuck them in. The next layer can be a flannel shirt which is little longer. The final layer which is jackets,  they can vary from hip length to knee length. Knee length jackets so in trend now.

Layering can be a tricky task. The key here is to buy basic items that goes well individually as well as when paired up. Go for white, beige, dark green, brown, tan and grey. You can add some pop colors too according to your taste.

  • Detailing –

A red dress is the perfect outfit for a party because red color is the quintessential color of Christmas. All shades of red adds up to the festive vibes of the season. Pay attention to details of a dress. A-line fit dress goes very well to accentuate your body. Balloon or bishop sleeves, the ruffled detailing on the hem and the neckline plays a critical role in building your personal style. A sweetheart neckline gives a feminine touch.

Watches are essential part of your outfit. Men can sport round dial watches with their casual outfits. For a formal look, go with a gold or silver toned chain watch. For all the ladies, invest in a good watch that can match your taste in fashion.

I hope this answers your questions related to Christmas fashion this year. We will come again with more chic and elegant fashion tips for you. Let us know through comments what you want to read. With this, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas this season and many more upcoming seasons. Hope this festive season, you can slay our outfits and in your life as well. Adios.

Featured image source: Image by fxquadro

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