Recently, the world has seen dramatic changes in the wedding scene. As brides are beginning to ditch to traditional red lehenga and blouse, it has opened up way for myriads of color, patterns and designs to be chosen.

Similarly, grooms are more informed about recent trends. They are more involved in choosing their own attire that matches their personalities as well as suit the event. Both want their lehenga and sherwani to be light as air to be able to walk around and re-wear them again.

To begin with, lehenga is a skirt and sherwani is knee-length jacket worn over a kurta, paired with salwar.

An Indian wedding consists of several pre-wedding and post-wedding festivities, along with the D-day itself. It offers the perfect opportunity to juggle and variety of colors, fabric, patterns and designs.

Exciting color combinations:-

Colors play an important role in Indian weddings; since every color has significant attributions to every rituals. The credit goes to the millennial brides for transforming the color palette. Marmalade, pastels, yellow have attracted the attention of the new-age brides and grooms.

Weddings are the events where grooms have started to experiment with colors. They are not shying away from choosing to go for a string of pearl or green motifs matching their regal look.

The bandh gala kurta:-

The bandh gala suit is a waist length jacket, with mandarin collar. This suit originated within the royal households of India, hence it is essentially a formal wear. However, it became quite a popular choice among grooms for wedding festivities.

For a look which is cool and gives traditional vibe at same time, bandh gala is the one. Opt for muted hues for the jacket and a pocket square that have matching patterns with your bride’s outfit will set the evening just right.

The minimalist trend:-

The covid pandemic has crippled many businesses, including wedding and event planning agencies. There’s demand for minimal and aesthetic view. Grand festivities are almost overlooked ; overall our notion of a traditional wedding has refined.

 The bridegroom are opting for inclusive wedding functions and sustainable fashion. Fashion experts say that fashion that can be repeated in the future is trending now and will be here for quite some time.

Trends are fleeting in nature but sustainable fashion caught the eyes of big and famed fashion houses and brands. With the global issues going on, it is of top priority to conserve the environment. Recycling clothes will generate less waste. Less waste means less burden on our planet.

Embellished dupattas:-

We tend to forget that the groom also deserves the same attention as the bride.  Nowadays, grooms are welcoming to recent trends such as sequined or patterned dupattas to dress up their sherwani or bandh gala suits.

Play with prints and patterns for the special day. You deserve to be the star of the day with the embellished dupatta with layered sherwani that flaunt your overall look.

The brides are all set to grab the attention with intricately designed and embellished dupattas. Dupattas not only add grace to your ensemble but also by changing the draping style, you can enhance your silhouette.

A dash of pastel :-

Pastels are “the oomph thing” these last few years undoubtedly. The wedding venue is decorated in floral arrangement, so why not you? Adding a few floral embellishments can complement you so well.

If you don’t want to experiment with bold and statement looks, pastels is the right choice for you. The bride can opt for a mauve lehenga with shimmering glitters on it. To complement it, the groom can go for the same color for the jacket or sherwani, with the same shimmering or floral details as on the bridal attire.

Opposites attract :-

Choosing contrast colors is not an easy task. But who would have thought bright red and  pastel white contrast and complement each other perfectly ?

Choosing contrast colors is not an easy task. But who would have thought bright red and  pastel white contrast and complement each other perfectly ?

Choosing contrast colors is not an easy task. But who would have thought bright red and  pastel white contrast and complement each other perfectly ?

In Indian culture, wedding is a big event and consists of several soiree like haldi, sangeet, ring ceremony, etc. All these events hold a significant value in our culture and is whole heartedly followed.
New dresses are worn for every event. The bride’s hands and feet are painted with henna, a paste made out of henna leaves. Although the wedding is all about the bride and groom, close family members are also decked up with gold jewelries and elegant ensembles.
The bridegroom’s clothes, shoes and accessories are chosen by taking into consideration that they should remain unmatched on their special day.

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